Welcome to Baboola Sumo. This website is devoted
    mainly to the use of engineered microbes as medical
    agents, an emerging field that I call “xenobiotherapy.”
    However, it discusses a few other subjects as well.
    Please look around.

    Baboola Sumo is short for Baby Boomers Lacking
    Sufficient Money. Baboola Sumos are the USA’s most
    pressing social problem. People who like the idea of
    xenobiotherapy, and would like to help, can do so by
    popularizing Baboola Sumo as slang. If it becomes
    popular, I will sell the URL and use the proceeds to
    support this project.

    A short description of the xenobiotherapy project is
    here.  A list of chapters underway is given here, and
    a list of projects described is given here.

Baboola Sumo