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August 22, 2014

The Baboola Sumo website is dedicated mainly to a single biomedical discipline: the use of engineered microbes as medical agents. The ultimate goal is rejuvenation of whole people by the strategy of rejuvenating one cell at a time: replacing aged nuclei and mitochondria with more youthful counterparts, plus removing oxidized proteins and other intracellular garbage. However, that goal is a long way off.

In the meantime engineered microbes could be used for much easier tasks, such as detecting pancreatic cancer while it can still be cured, stopping breast cancer before it starts, defending gateway tissues from infection by HIV & human papillomavirus and so on. Each success would create the knowledge and tools to facilitate further success..
August 23, 2014

Here is a list of medical tasks that might be accomplished using engineered microbes. As the biological literature grows, no doubt more examples will be added to the list, while some examples will probably be removed as impractical.

The Use of Engineered Microbes as Medical Agents is the main e-book posted at this website.
Here is a list of Chapters.

From time to time I may post essays on other scientific and technical topics at this website. These essays are only half-serious—the efforts of an interested, but non-expert, observer:
August 24, 2014

Of the 27 chapters planned for the e-book The Use of Engineered Microbes as Medical Agents, four are complete. Chapter 1 outlines the material that the book will cover.  Chapter 2 addresses the question: how useful would it be to be able to concentrate drugs within specific regions of the body? Chapter 9 discussed accessing specific regions of the body using the lymphatic system.  Chapter 10 discusses using engineered microfilariae as tools to navigate lymphatic channels. If you don’t know what microfilariae are, that’s all the more reason to read the Chapter 10.